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Give Me More Darkness! (hours that is)

The only logical time for me to write is in the middle of the night!

While the world around me sleeps, my creativity comes to life - I am not sure why, but it is the truth.

For some reason when the sun comes up I start to feel anxious about things that can be done only in daylight hours.

I actually hate that - I wish there were more hours of darkness.

This does however, bring up another issue - sleep - I have never liked to sleep - to me it is a waste of time.

But then when I do, I am often amazed when I wake up and have new ideas, new characters, problems solved, etc. So sleep does have it's advantages. (Aside from the health part of it - that's another blog!)

Don't misunderstand! I love the sun and daylight! It is not that I don't want any daytime, I would just like more night time! Is that so much to ask?

I feel like I am in a catch twenty-two. Maybe if I could sleep just two or three hours. I used to do that, but the older I get the harder it is for me to function with so little sleep.

But, the darkness allows me more undisturbed freedom to create and write. I know the phone won't ring - very few people text and messenger is silent.

My characters wake up! They use darkness to invade the creative space of my brain and let me know what they want me to say about them, to take the story to the next level, and to flush out more of who they are.

This is the fun part of writing - the creativity and developing of a story.

I have often wished to be a vampire. Only to the frustration that typical vampires sleep all day. Well that won't work either, I have a full time day job!

But there are the vampires that Stephanie Myer created in Twilight - they NEVER sleep! That's my kind of vampire!

I simply have an ongoing battle with sleep, a love/hate relationship if you will. I don't want to, but my body demands it. So I try to accept the trade off - that my beloved characters, or new characters will reveal themselves to me during my sleep. Then, it is not such a waste of time.

(I still wish I had a few more hours of darkness.)

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