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I Am Not New - But I Am New

Good Morning! I am not new to Goodreads, but I am new to using Goodreads. If that makes sense. In 2014 when I published my first book, I jumped on Goodreads but I had no clue what to do with it. Now in 2020, I am new, but I am not new. There, now we are all confused. All of that is to say this - I am doing my first Giveaway! Yay! Five signed copies of Mystic Angel or any other of the Mystic Trilogy books. Or if you have read those (thank you!) you may opt to have one of my upcoming new releases: Best Friends Don't Leave - the backstory of main character Aspen Allen (from Mystic Trilogy) and her San Clemente best friend, Krista. (Release date October 30) Talivia - Shule is book one in this new paranormal mystery/adventure series. Talivia is a fictitious island in the Pacific Ocean that has more secrets than any of the characters ever imagined- or wanted. (Release date November 30) Nessumsar Family - Legend of the Crow. The first book in my super hero fantasy series. Super heroes with paranormal counterparts. (Projected release date December 15. May end up being the 30th)

So! Pop on over to and sign up for the Giveaway!!

See ya soon!!

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