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Six years to update??? Seriously - who does that?

So it is time to write my blog - I guess I just never thought I had anything to say. Now I decided I do! Haha - maybe you will agree or maybe you won't; it's okay either way. I published Mystic Angel in 2014 and that is the same time I joined Goodreads - but then - I did - zip! On Goodreads I mean! I have done plenty in the last six years! But for now - what about books? After Mystic Angel - in 2016 I published Mystic Lake. Then it took me three years to finish the third book, Mystic Mansion. I am NOT letting that happen again. Way too long between books and some very impatient readers! That's a good thing - that they are impatient - not that I kept them waiting. I have very loyal readers...Thank you! I relaunched Mystic Angel and Mystic Lake in 2019 with new covers and a new design - they totally took off! I finished Mystic Mansion in Dec of 2019 and released it, so the entire Mystic Trilogy is out. So far, I have wonderful feedback and support from my readers - and they are anxiously waiting for another book, - its just around the corner. More on that next time!!

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