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My Story

I  began writing in the 7th grade. My first inspiration was when President Kennedy was killed. I was so sad and I was not exactly sure why.  I sincerely grieved watching the news night after night - the grief of Jacqueline and her two little children; it was just so sad to me.  I can still feel the pain that I felt whenever I recall those days.


That's when I decided to put my feelings on paper.  I wrote a story about a twelve-year-old girl whose name was Debbie - go figure - who won a trip to the White House - and was able to stay for one week.  Like that would ever happen!

When I was in 9th grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Harlan, informed me that some of my friends had turned in a book report on the book I wrote.  I was shocked! 

Mrs. Harlan told me she was very impressed with my writing, and that she hoped to see something of mine in print before she died. 

I remember feeling so happy and proud that day - I left her room floating on a cloud.

That was in 1965.  I continued to write through school, marriage, the births of my six children. and well, life!

It wasn't until 2009 that I had the time to actually write my first book, finally publishing it in 2014 - 'MYSTIC ANGEL' - the first of three in the 'MYSTIC TRILOGY", 'MYSTIC LAKE' was published 2014 and 'MYSTIC MANSION' will finally be released September 5th. 2019. To be honest, this has been the hardest book to write- because it is ending. I may write a second Mystic Trilogy.


The Mystic Trilogy is the story of the wealthy Allen family whose peaceful life in San Clemente, California is disrupted by a letter. They find themselves in the middle of a mystery, murder, romance and a world they never knew existed. The trilogy is followed by five back stories, three are published.

My first series, Nessumsar Family - Legend of the Crow is a Superhero Mystery eight book series involving all seventeen of my grandkids - their super powers are a gift from their Great Grandfather. They are perfect agents to fight crime; what they didn't plan on was the ancient family from Norway determined to stop them by debilitating their powers.

I Think My Grandma is a Witch!! is my first children's book released in September of 2023. I had so much fun, I plan to write more kids books.

I love to write!  I love to create characters and places and situations. The truth is they are already in my head and I just bring them to life.

This journey has been so rewarding!  A lot of work - a lot of prayers  - a lot of sacrifice - and a lot of FUN!  Mostly fun! I love sharing my stories with you.

Thank you for reading my books! You can order your signed copies on this website or email me at

So!  Thank you for visiting my website! If I can answer any questions do not hesitate to email me.


I love that you are here!



(Updated September 2023)

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