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PRAXIS – the game you play from your own home, earn money, remain totally anonymous.


The organization ran by a code name Geist, preyed upon college, high school, and some middle school students, but managed to run undetected for several years.


The gaming organization PRAXIS caught the attention of the FBI when they escalated their outreach to include more middle school students and recruit in elementary schools.


To get into schools undercover, the FBI enlisted the help of The Nessumsar Family Superhero agents.


Samual and Grant are temporarily called back from Military Service, a special ops agent and the cousins are deployed from Mayajaal to four different states.


The Operation Purloin begins in the United States. At the same time in Norway Operation Rancon is set into motion with team of immortals who can appear in human or bat form.


No match against the Superhero’s powers, Operation Rancon’s efforts prove futile at each ensuing battle, causing the Norwegian Chief Military Officer to organize a special forces team endowed with ultrasonic power to incapacitate the Nessumsar Family’s superpowers.


Just when the family of superheroes were on the brink of cracking the case, Rancon throws them an unexpected curve sending Operation Purloin into chaos.




Legend of the Crow - Imminence

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