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Mystic Angel - the first book in the Mystic Series begins when Jackson Allen threw his family into sudden turmoil when he announced he was moving his family from their life on the beaches of Southern California to a small town in Tennessee.

Shrouded in mystery and secrets Jackson put unfamiliar distance between himself, his wife Suzann and their two teen age children. Jackson gave no explanation other than his responsibility to sell the family home. 

Jackson had put Sommerville, Tennessee behind him over twenty years earlier, but now the Allen’s arrival would stir the dust of family secrets that had lay dormant for over fifty years. Old myths and legends surrounding the wealthy mysterious Allen's had been told and retold in the small community for nearly four generations.

The Allen children, Aspen and Noah, would soon be pulled into a world of the paranormal, extrasensory phenomena and murder. With the comradeship of new friends, buried secrets are uncovered only complicating Jackson's ultimate goal, to sell the house and return his family to their comfortable life in San Clemente, California.

Now in book two, Mystic Lake, the little town of Sommerville has been shaken to its core and the determined team of teenagers, Aspen Allen, her brother Noah, and friends Gavin and Kiryn, are unwilling to let it rest. The deeper they dig into the town’s mysteries, the more the town is turned upside down revealing a dark and shocking history that no one wants to admit ever existed.

Jackson Humphrey Allen kept his secrets buried not only in his own mind, but literally within the walls of the Allen Mansion. His silence maliciously creeps into the lives of his posterity, seeping quietly through unsuspecting generations – patiently waiting for the right person to answer the plea.

The elder Jackson’s grandson, Jackson David Allen, fights bitterly against the warnings in a desperate attempt to protect his family from his own tortured past.

Will the reality that his daughter may be dead, be enough to push Jackson to succumb to the forces that have tried to invade his life since he was a young boy? Will he relent; allowing those, who for years, have tried unsuccessfully to reach him, finally make contact?

The supernatural world that pulled Aspen Allen into its’ clutches now has her compelled to find more answers; not only to the secrets in the house itself, but the seemingly tragic past of the exclusive community that once was Mystic Lake.

Mystic Lake

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Each book is approximately 490 pages 

    Books are 6x9 printed on high quality white paper 

    Covers are paperback glossy

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