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Aspen Allen cannot escape the supernatural and finds herself faced with more desperate pleas from the unseen world. With unsurmountable demands from both evil and good, Aspen once again relies on the help of her brother Noah, and their loyal friends Gavin and Kiryn.


Cries from the grave become relentless as those spirits realize their desperate search for peace may not happen as the entire community, and the world, learn the horrible truths about their torrid lives.


Having already given up many mysteries it has guarded for half a century, this time the Allen Mansion is not giving in so easily.  A seemingly living entity, the mansion begins to resist the intrusions of the outside world and fights to keep the most shocking information buried deep within its walls. Will the quest for truth be worth the risk? Will the mansion give up its most incomprehensible secret; and will this shocking revelation set Jackson free or finally shatter his family he as tried so hard to protect?


Find these answers and more in Mystic Mansion, the compelling third and final book of the Mystic Trilogy.

Mystic Manison

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Each book is approximately 490 pages. Books are 6x9 printed on high quality white paper. Covers are paperback glossy

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